We take advantage of the heat of the air

The high average prices of air heat in most parts of Greece, make the exploitation of air heat the most attractive choice. Choice suitable for all heating systems and for the production of hot water.

Our company adopts the installation of heat pumps in the design of the facilities. Represents and sells in Corfu heat pumps of leading companies Toshiba, Carrier, Daikin.

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We draw heat from the subsoil


The exploitation of subsoil heat enables even greater energy savings, which we utilize if there are possibilities, with special design and equipment.

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We collect heat from the sun

Whether as simple solar water heaters, or as complex collectors and boilers, collecting solar energy is the simplest way to harness solar energy. When properly designed, in addition to domestic hot water heating, it can also be used to heat the house and pool water and achieve the most advantageous utilization.

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We produce electricity from the sun

The field has changed in recent years. The fall in the price of photovoltaic panels and the institutionalization of the possibility of connection to the public electricity network make the production of electricity an interesting investment option to meet the needs of the home. Our company provides comprehensive services for the installation and licensing of photovoltaic systems.

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We recover heat

The depletion of natural resources and the need to protect the environment force us to increasingly take into account in our decisions the recovery and reuse of resources. This is what our company does when it designs systems from the operation of which energy rejection occurs.

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We reduce heat loss

Controlling the flow of energy through the housing shell, to the environment in winter and to the house in summer requires know-how.

Many of our company’s products and services support proposals to improve the thermal insulation of both the shell and the openings.

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Automatic facility control


Expenditure on the automatic control of all consumption and thermal protection devices has now been included in the eligible for funding, recognizing the ever-increasing contribution to savings.

Our company with the leading presence in automation in Corfu, for years now implements fully automated facilities.

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Utilization of financing programs

Our company participates in the implementation of financing programs by implementing energy saving interventions, undertaking the overall submission, and monitoring the implementation of the proposals.

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