Every effort to save energy can not be based on the thermal insulation of the building and the reduction of heat loss.

Our company has to submit complete proposals in these areas.

Energy efficient window frames

Our company distributes, installs and supports FINSTRAL window systems.

FINSTRAL systems, are factory products, have high thermal insulation in profiles, special thermal insulation glazing (basic construction: thermal insulation glazing with Ug 1.1 W / m2K), reflection of solar radiation without reducing visibility.

Thermal facade

Exterior cladding with thermal facade system of the Austrian company ROFIX.

Roof insulation


Our company trades Bauder waterproofing membranes and tarpaulins, for the construction of waterproofing, below or above the thermal insulation, according to the design.

Roof thermal insulation

The work is done over the roof slab. One of the most important works that in many buildinga has not been done or has been done in the wrong way. Work that requires special design and includes drainage, rainwater runoff, waterproofing, thermal insulation and final coating.

Our company has the know-how and many years of experience in many successful applications.

Supplies materials from leading German companies (Velosit, Brillux, Bauder, Omnimat …)