Recovery from air conditioning operation

When we operate the air conditioning system in the summer, we remove energy from the house and discharge it into the environment. This energy can be used to heat the water. This is achieved by installing a special air conditioning system that includes water heating units.

The TOSHIBA MMW-AP_LQ indoor hot water unit is part of the TOSHIBA VRF system, recovering the energy absorbed during cooling and maximizing the efficiency of the VRF system. It can produce hot water up to 50 ° C. It has an efficiency of 8 – 16 KW, fully covering the needs for hot water even in winter.

Recovery from ventilation operation


By operating the ventilation system, as we release the air into the environment, we also release the heat or "cooling", which contains and we need additional energy to cool or heat the air coming from the outside environment.

Our company in the design of ventilation installations integrates energy recovery systems so that it returns to the space and is not discarded in the environment.

The heat recovery ventilator is placed in a through opening in the wall. Ideal solution for room ventilation with the installation of two devices (fresh air inlet and room air discharge).

It functions as an air intake and exhaust device. It has an element for retaining and recovering air heat.