The contribution of automatic plant control to energy savings and cost reduction is constantly increasing. Its contribution results from the monitoring of the space and the facilities, the operation in a more economical way, the immediate detection of faults, the recording of the consumptions.



Presence and brightness detection sensors turn on or off the light and adjust its intensity.

Air conditioning


Smart condition sensors adjust the operation of the air conditioner to achieve the desired conditions in the most economical way.

Hot domestic water


The constant recirculation of domestic hot water is a constant loss, which is even added to the thermal loads of the space. The human presence sensor or flow sensor in the hot water line stops or activates the recirculation when it is really needed.




Sunlight when it falls on the house is a significant heat load, sometimes desirable and sometimes undesirable.

With the automation system the shading of the house is activated by the sensor to protect from the sun in summer or to let the sun pass in winter.

Automatic watering


The amount of water that is necessary for watering the garden is not constant. The automation system monitors the conditions and automatically adjusts the amount of irrigation water according to the conditions of temperature, sunshine, humidity and air speed, as recorded by the meteorological station.

Detection of faults



Many times small or large leaks are not detected immediately resulting in the loss of a large amount of water. Monitoring water consumption and immediate detection in case of unusual flow.




Έγκαιρη ειδοποίηση

Early warning in the event of a breakdown is especially critical, especially in non-permanent homes.

Right decisions



Individual consumptions are monitored with electricity and water consumption sensors. This record gives us the data we need to differentiate and reduce operating costs.