Soil energy is practically inexhaustible, and the temperature is quite high, the degree of efficiency is even higher. The energy consumed in this case is much less (about 15%) of the energy delivered to the space, which makes it the most cost-effective option. Performance is not affected by bad external conditions, such as frost, which is very important for areas with cold climates.


The heat of the subsoil is exploited with special heat pumps (water-water heat pumps). A special project is needed for this purpose (drilling for water pumping or installation of pipelines or installation in ditches of pipeline network).


Water – water heat pump Carrier 61 WG.

With an efficiency starting from 27 KW, this series of Carrier machines is an ideal solution for geothermal applications, serving homes, offices, small hotels, etc. It is designed for high temperature heating up to 65 ° C and greater than 5. Installed in an indoors space (engine room).


The special projects required for the pumping of heat from the ground, limit the possibility of general utilization, to those users who have the ability to implement such projects, such as individual homes that have sufficient space for the implementation of such projects.

The system of REHAU RAUGEO PE-Xa green, suitable for installation by drilling draws energy from the constant temperatures of the deeper soil. Its rough outer layer, in combination with the filler material, ensures a tightness in the system, something that conventional geothermal systems do not offer.



The geothermal collector REHAU RAUGEO PE-Xa horizontally installed extracts heat from areas with temperatures above the freezing point, to a depth of approximately 1.5 m. Resistant to mechanical damage such as spot loads, significantly reduces installation costs.