Drinking water

The water of the municipal networks is not drinkable. Is the bottle drinkable when it reaches the table in the way it is stored and distributed?

Our suggestions aim to give you drinking water at your tap, at your table…

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Domestic water

Many times we do not pay attention to the hygiene of the domestic water. Water when stored and circulated without rules can become a source of serious contamination, even if we do not drink it.

We put these rules forward when designing plumbing.

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Healthy water in the swimming pool

We may all feel insecure when we enter the pool, even our own. Doubts arise about the purity of water and the often justified reservations about the use of chemical disinfectants.

We can be and feel really safe when we use our pool.

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Air renewal in the house

Fully sealed windows, the construction of thermal facades, the less and less open windows to reduce the operating costs of heating and air conditioning, inadvertently have as a side effect the reduction of air renewal and the creation of harmful to health conditions.

The results are not immediately visible and are manifested by headaches, fatigue, allergies, etc.

The problem is not addressed with headache pills but with proper ventilation installation planning, where our suggestions focus.

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Air humidity adjustment

The humidity of the indoor air can reach the level of saturation inside the house (100%), where it causes a feeling of discomfort and makes it difficult to breathe and for the skin to expel water.

The regulation of air humidity is necessary in the modern house and is studied in combination with the ventilation and air conditioning installations.

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Removal of mites – allergens

House dust mites grow in large numbers on mattresses, pillows, rugs and carpets, in armchairs, in some children’s toys or in places where pets sleep. They feed on human dandruff and fungi that exist in the environment. They are responsible for the appearance of allergies, especially in autumn and spring when they multiply. Can we deal with it?

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Noise protection

Noise from the urban environment often makes life unbearable, especially in urban centers, tourist areas, airports, highways. In addition, the nuisance created inside the building by the operation of the facilities is not tolerated.

Excessive noise can make you sick. Absolute silence causes a feeling of discomfort. The best quality for a home is somewhere in between.

The proposals include interventions to address these issues.

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Natural light

To feel comfortable in a room you need as much natural light as possible. All the functions of our body have evolved in combination with natural light and nothing can replace it.

The quality of the light is often reduced by the poor quality of the window glass. The light entering the room is no longer as natural as it should be.

When we choose window frames, we also choose quality glass.

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We design and select materials taking into account:

  • the ecological footprint during their production, installation, and even their withdrawal,
  • the non-elimination, throughout their life, of dangerous toxic substances,
  • the protection from sources of natural radiation.

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