The production of drinking water usually requires treatment in many stages, such as filtration, reverse osmosis, desalination, pH correction, sterilization, storage, pumping, etc. The design of the treatment plant starts from the physicochemical and microbiological analysis of the feed water. The solution is designed to take advantage of the possibilities and meet the requirements of each customer individually, depending on the quality of available water and its requirements.

Central treatment

The supply of drinking water throughout the house and in each tap requires a central treatment, storage and distribution facility to provide a sufficient amount of water to meet all needs. Such an installation requires the availability of suitable space.


Topical treatment


When for various reasons (cost, lack of space, etc.) there is no possibility for total treatment, then the installation of a home reverse osmosis device, that includes several stages of processing, to produce a limited amount of good quality water is a satisfactory solution to meet drinking water needs. It is usually placed under the sink and the drinking water is supplied by a separate tap.

This solution is usually combined with central softening to meet the needs for soft water in the home.