Excessive noise can make you sick. Absolute silence causes a feeling of discomfort. Optimal quality is somewhere in the middle.

Soundproof window frames

It is obvious that windows are important for noise protection. Many homeowners are not aware that this is not just high quality soundproof glass. Frame design and installation are also important.

Finstral window frames, in the basic construction, offer the very good sound reduction of 34 dB. With the installation of special glazing, sound reduction up to 45 dB can be achieved.

Sewer pipe system

Building plumbing in many buildings is an annoying source of noise.

The REHAU sound insulation pipe system, RAUPIANO PLUS, has sound insulation levels of 17 dB (A) *, much lower than the values required by the VDI 4100 sound insulation directive.

The multilayer technology of the system absorbs the sound. The rigid middle layer of the tubes, with a tube density of 1.9 g/cm³, massively reduces the sound level.

Targeted optimized mass in the impact area of the curves reduces noise production.

The patented support system ensures even greater quietness. Significantly minimizes the transmission of noise caused by the structure to the installation wall.