Machines freed man from hard manual labor. Automation frees him from tedious intellectual work and gives him back his precious free time.

Complex installations and operations at home or at work can be effectively controlled by the user, without having to know how they work, as he uses his mobile phone without caring about how it works.

Control without limits


As the available equipment (sensors, actuators, servers ..) evolves and is enriched with incredible speed, modern home equipment becomes smart equipment, only the limits of our imagination exist in the utilization of automation.

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Facility operation


The operation of the installations in modern houses (lighting, air conditioning, ventilation, shading, pumping, water treatment, etc.) is now so complex that it requires specialized knowledge. Effective use requires monitoring of many parameters and constant adjustment, which is humanly impossible.

All this will be done by the automation system to achieve our desires. It will monitor the sun and raise and lower the shade blinds, will monitor the weather and will regulate the watering of the garden, will control the sensors of the space to regulate the intensity of the air conditioning and the ventilation etc.

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Home appliance supervision


Many appliances in our homes are Smart appliances, with the prospect in the coming years the majority of appliances (refrigerator, kitchen, washing machine, etc.) that we will buy to be smart.

The automation system will help us communicate with them, wherever we are.

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Energy saving


Many times we got an excessive bill of water, because there was a leak, which we did not know. An inflated electricity bill, without being able to understand, if it is due to the operation of air conditioning, lighting, kitchen…

The automation system will monitor every consumption in the house and will inform us about any abnormal consumption.

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Choose the KNX


Automation should not be difficult. It simply requires a system that eliminates the problems of isolated devices by ensuring that all components communicate through a common language. This is the KNX.

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