Air conditioning function

All you have to do is set the temperature you want in your room.

The automation system will manage the temperature in the house depending on the time of day and your presence. It will lower the temperature during the day and restore it, so that you can receive a comfortable home. With the help of air quality sensors that control air degradation the automation system will activate the smart fans for air renewal. It will turn off the installation when you are away from home, contributing significantly to energy savings and reducing operating costs. It will enable you to activate the function remotely by returning home.

Shading control


Open or close the shutters and awnings of your house with one click on your mobile or tablet. Drawing weather information from the weather sensor, the automation system will close the shutters or lower the awnings to limit the solar load on a hot summer day, contributing to savings. In case of strong winds he will gather the awnings to protect them.


Hot water


The automation system will make sure you have the heat of the water you want. It will activate the recirculation of hot water when you go to the bathroom or kitchen, so that it is immediately available.

It will periodically raise the water temperature to high temperatures for sterilization. It will enable you to activate the function remotely by returning home.



Effective lighting control will ensure the desired level of lighting in each room and turn off when you leave or go to bed. Motion sensors will turn on the light when you enter a room and reduce energy waste.

If you forgot to turn them off you can do it from your mobile or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Create lighting scenes for every occasion (adjusting the color and intensity) and change the scene according to your mood with a single touch.

The automation system will help you create a flexible home that gives you peace of mind.



Water supply


The automation system will ensure that there is always the available quantity and quality of water. It will check and inform you about the available amount of water in the water tank and the operation of the refill. It will take care of the operation of the water treatment system and will give you the necessary information for quality and good operation.

In case of unusual water flow or when desired we will cut off the water supply. It will allow you to turn off or restore the water supply remotely from your smartphone or tablet.


Garden watering


The meteorological station that is installed outdoors will inform about the weather conditions and the automation system will take care of the adjustment of the irrigation program, increasing the quantity when there is a heat and reducing the quantity on cool days or canceling the program in case of sufficient rain.

Video intercom system



The house entrance control system can see guests on the doorstep of your home before you open them. When the bell rings you can check the image on the system. When you are not at home you can check the image on your smartphone or tablet and communicate with it or open it.




The automation system will help you increase security against burglary. It will automatically activate the alarm when you lock the door. Motion sensors will detect suspicious movements and notify you or the police. Create smart security alerts to keep intruders out. Create a routine of activities that will suggest that you are at home while you are away.

Manage the system remotely from your tablet or smartphone.