Air quality sensors

Smart air quality sensors (temperature, humidity, smoke, carbon dioxide, volatile compounds …), activate or regulate air conditioning, humidification and dehumidification, ventilation, according to the programmed requirements.

Presence sensors


The operation of the facilities (air conditioning, lighting, hot water recirculation, ventilation, etc.) can be modified or stopped when there is no human presence to save.

The same sensors activate the alarm system.

Door and window sensors

The sensors control the opening and closing of the doors and windows, information very useful for the operation of the air conditioner and for the alarm system.

Luminance sensors


The light sensors will “dim” the lighting function to have the desired light level.



Weather sensors

Sensor, meteorological station, controls the sun, the wind, the amount of rain, the humidity, in order to regulate the function of shading, the function of air conditioning, the function of watering the garden, etc.

Smart consumption meters


The smart water meter constantly updates the automation system, which constantly evaluates the information.

Detecting an unusual water consumption, which may be due to a faucet that has been left open, a device blockage, or a water leak, may interrupt the water supply or send a message to investigate the fault.

Level sensors


In most houses there are tanks of water, sewage, oil, chemicals on the level of which other functions depend.

In any case, there is the appropriate level sensor that we can install to have continuous control and automatically adjust the operation of all facilities.

Pressure sensors


Pressure sensors are especially important for regulating the operation of water supply systems, water treatment plants, closed heating and air conditioning circuits.


Water temperature sensors

Water temperature control is important throughout the home water circulation system. Special sensors are used to control the temperatures in the hot water system (boiler, solar panels).

Risk detection sensors



Sensors for smoke, fire, fumes, liquefied petroleum gas are selective in areas where hazards may occur, can prevent disasters.





Current sensors

power outage can be important in critical supplies, such as food preservatives, pumps.