The needs

The apartment building was built in the 80’s with central heating installation with radiators and fuel oil. The heating was uniform for all apartments, without provision for autonomous operation. The allocation of costs was done proportionally based on the allocation regulation, without individual possibility of limiting the expenditure.

With the forced renovation of the facility due to age, the modern problem of upgrading the facility was raised in order to save energy and money.

The interventions

The boiler and the oil tank were demolished and removed while freeing the space.

A heat pump was installed outside which was connected to the same indoor installation.

The Carrier 61AF045 heat pump, with a thermal efficiency of 45 KW, with a temperature of 65 ° C and COP efficiency coefficient = 2.6, was selected.

This heat pump has an inverter recirculation pump and frost protection.

At the same time, the internal installation was intervened and the installation was separated per apartment. An isolation solenoid valve was installed in the circuit of each apartment, controlled by a special thermostat that was installed in each apartment.

Now every tenant has the opportunity to choose the temperature of the room he wants, the hours he needs heating but also to turn it off or reduce the temperature when he is away from home.

A separate calorimeter was installed at the connection of each apartment circuit. With this intervention each user can read whenever he wants how many calories were absorbed by the apartment. The “common” systems of autonomy used meters of operating hours and not energy consumption.

It is fairer as an accurate measurement and distribution system but also enables each user to reduce the radiators that operate, providing the possibility for additional savings in each apartment from use.

The intervention was funded by the program of European Commission for the energy efficiency of buildings, which funded interventions in apartment buildings. The costs that were eligible were the cost of supplying the heat pump, the materials and the works for the installation and connection, as well as the installation of the autonomy of the apartments and the installation of the calorimeter.

Our company undertook and implemented the entire program, drafting the proposal, submission, implementation of interventions and submission of costs for payment.

The result

With the old installation, of 1 liter of oil (calorific value 8,000 Kcal) with a degree of efficiency of 70%, 5,600 Kcal = 6.5 KWh were attributed to the heating installation.

With the installation of the heat pump with an efficiency factor of COP = 2.6, the 6.5 KWh require the consumption of 2.5 Kwh of electricity.

That is, for the result that before needed 1 liter of oil, now the residents will pay 2.5 KWh.

The environmental footprint is drastically reduced as most of the energy is absorbed by the air.

There is an accurate measurement of the calories absorbed by each apartment, so that everyone pays exactly what they consumed. Each consumer was given the opportunity to use the installation and absorb as much heat as he wants.

The safety of the building against the risk of fire, which is caused by the use of oil, has been increased.

Management costs reduced (oil collection, cost sharing).