Eliminate negative comments

Gas Safety

No matter how perfect the installation, failures cannot be ruled out. However, they can be identified in time and dealt with and do not reach the customer and become a cause for negative comments. An automation system can provide continuous monitoring of critical indicators, such as water level in the tank, sewage level, hot water temperature, air conditioning operation.

Reduction of operating costs

Gas Safety

Reducing costs requires the right decisions. And right decisions are made only with evidence. This data can give the automation system that is built to monitor the most important consumption of electricity, water, energy.

New experience for customers

Gas Safety

The reception, accommodation and departure operation can add a new customer service experience and be a reason for positive evaluation.


Gas Safety

Many times the Hotel needs to present to both the public authorities and the tourist offices, a system for monitoring critical parameters, with reports such as the disinfection capacity of the pool water, the water used, the water temperature.

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