Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating allows you to let your imagination run wild and make your home the way you want it. Without radiators that take up valuable space. More space for your ideas. Uniform distribution of heat throughout the space. Economical operation and utilization of renewable energy sources.

The underfloor installation can also be used for cooling in the summer with the passage of cold water. This function must be combined with an air dehumidification system to remove moisture.

Our company represents and supplies in Corfu the Rehau underfloor heating system.

Air conditioning with fan coil



Fan coils are a complete system that can provide cooling in summer and heating in winter, while the heat pump that is necessary for their operation can also cover the heating of domestic water.

Among their advantages is the wide variety of options as the installation can include any type regardless of production company.

In modern fan coils there are interesting options, elegant devices of small thickness, devices which in heating mode radiate heat after the temperature in the room is balanced, and thus reduce the dryness of the air caused by its heating.

One such fan coil is that of the photo from the company Innova, whose products we represent and sell in the Corfiot market.

VRF air conditioning system

The variable flow refrigerant (VRF) system is a complete system that can meet all cooling and heating needs. Advanced models also cover the production of domestic hot water while achieving the recovery of heat that would be released into the environment.

The outdoor unit can be installed far enough away in the surrounding area to go unnoticed. The choice of internal devices is strictly made by the system options, as the devices must communicate with each other. This communication is also one of the great advantages as no additional installation of operation control and automation is required.

Air conditioning with split units


Complete cooling and heating solution. The disadvantages are the many autonomous systems, the many outdoor units that can be a nuisance.

The low cost, however, is an important advantage that adds to the ease of installation, the possibility of gradual implementation and make the choice quite attractive.

Many devices combine other functions, filtration, ionization, etc.

Our company represents and distributes in Corfu the products of the company Toshiba, a leader in the field of air conditioning.

Air conditioning with air ducts


Whether we cover the air conditioning needs with VRF or with fan coils we can use hidden type terminals and air circulation with a network of air ducts creating discreet and very elegant solutions.

Air – water heat pumps

They are now the “spearhead” for energy savings, as they draw heat from the air.

They are installed outside and do not commit space and money for engine room, fuel storage, chimney, etc.

They can replace the boiler in existing or new installations, by simply connecting to the existing heating network.

In new constructions, the installation of a fan coil can also cover the cooling needs in the summer.

Modern heat pumps adjust their operation by changing the speed according to the external conditions, achieving further energy savings.

Modern pumps “turn” on the production of hot water, whether in heating or cooling mode, disconnect from the heating and cooling system and connect to the boiler, when requested by the boiler sensor. After heating the water they return to the original operation.

Boiler – heat pump


The hot water production and storage tank, with integrated air-water heat pump is an ideal proposal for hot water production in domestic and small hotel applications. Two enamel models at 190 lt with and without heat exchanger for solar panels. Two models at 260 lt with and without heat exchanger for solar panels. Ecological refrigerant R-134a. High COP efficiency and energy class A +. Maximum water temperature 60 ° C (65 ° C with auxiliary resistance). Electrical resistance as a complementary energy source. Possibility of installation indoors with air ducts with a diameter of 160 mm.

Boiler Toshiba

Dual energy hot water storage tank for connection to a Toshiba heat pump via a three-way valve.

Alternator of special construction for maximum heat exchange.

Three stainless steel models at 150 – 210 – 300 lt.

Maximum water temperature 75οC (with electrical resistance 2.75 KW)

Weekly legionella protection function by increasing the water temperature through the resistor.