Wall and floor styles, interior & exterior use.

Venezia Stucco is an Italian company based and production facility in Venice, originally created by a team of craftsmen specializing not only in the production of such materials but also in their personal decorative application.

The craftsmen of Venezia Stucco have kept close to the tradition of their city and use chemistry to the extent that it affects workability and durability, without allowing it to create the aesthetic and take us away from the mineral nature of the material.

VENEZIA STUCCO finishing materials can be applied to any surface and can withstand any stress, mechanical, moisture or climatic.

Their thin but powerful layer, transforms the old, worn or out of fashion spaces, into minimalist but also traditional, while in the new constructions it is the choice for design of Italian elegance.


Pastellone's recipe for flooring comes from a historical recipe called "Pastellone Veneziano". Pastellone, in essence, is the application of the well-known wall style "Venetian Marmorino" on floors. Specimens can be found in historic buildings in Venice, but also throughout the province of Veneto. Today's Pastellone is much harder thanks to cement and binders. The material is white and can be painted with any color compatible with lime and cement. Produced in 2 particle sizes, thin and medium. The rough is applied in the first coat and the fine in the second and third coat.


Natural mineral material that creates coatings of traditional "Venetian" aesthetics. Its appearance is glossy, with a sense of depth. The visual transition from the dark to the light areas is stepped, while its surface reflects light sources. Creates surfaces of high aesthetics, especially if properly lit. The material gives styles suitable for both interior walls and facades. It is ideal for reception areas, offices, villas, while in the baths it is an alternative material of marble and tiles. In contrast to marble it gives a uniform soft look with soft shades. The personal intervention of the applicator can be emphasized or left in the background. The hardness of its surface is characteristic, as well as its resistance to an environment of extreme humidity, like that of the city where it was born. The masonry to which it is applied remains breathable and of course anti-mold.



Natural mineral material based on lime for highly aesthetic interior wall styles. Creates Chamois type leather wall coverings. The texture is soft on the face and touch, without shine, elegant. It mimics the skin's ability to glow in soft light and shade. The chamois leather touch is achieved by adding a large amount of microfiber to the material.



Traditional Moroccan finish, originating from the Marrakesh region.

It has a soft appearance with a discreet shine like Marmorino Veneziano, but with greater thickness and different texture.

The material gives an excellent aesthetic result in a variety of shades, perfect performance per square meter, ideal drying and workability as well as high adhesion to the background. It is the antimicrobial surface, which coats the shell of the hammam, with a distinct glow.



Style with a rough visual appearance, but soft to the touch and with pleasant natural shades. Refers to the ancient Roman marble Travertino. It can be applied in a modern and simple way to look like the Tuscan Travertino, but it is also the base material for further styles such as reptile or crocodile skin. Available in white which can be colored in other tones.