The needs

The air conditioning system of the store was built in the 1980s. It consisted of two air conditioning systems with vents and a fresh air intake system. In the ventilation installation there was no concern for energy savings.

The operation of the facility could no longer be supported, as the type of machinery and spare parts have been withdrawn and are no longer produced.

There was a need to redesign with modern equipment and with care to save energy.

The interventions

With the new design, the two air conditioning systems and the ventilation system were integrated into a single air conditioning system of VRF technology.

MITSUBISHI equipment was selected.

The two outdoor air conditioning units and the outdoor unit of the pre-air conditioning system were replaced by an array of two outdoor units with a total power of 24 HP.

Cooling efficiency 68 KW

Thermal efficiency 68 KW

Two new VRF indoor units have replaced the old units.


Cooling efficiency 28 KW

Thermal efficiency 31.5 KW

The two ventilation units installed are integrated in the VRF system.

Type GUF-RD (H) 4

Cooling efficiency 11.4 KW

Thermal efficiency 12.56 KW

Air supply 1,000 m³ / h

Heat recovery in cooling 71-74%

Heat recovery in heating 69-71%


The result

With the installation, all the equipment of the installation was renovated.

The new installation is a single air conditioning system. It includes two energy recovery ventilation units with the ability to recover 70% of the energy discharged by ventilation.