At a time when specialization and the promotion of standard solutions prevails, we insist on starting from the needs of our customers and to offer not individual products, materials or services but complete answers and solutions with a holistic approach.

An holistic approach is not just a choice. It presupposes the possibility of a holistic approach that the breadth of thought without commitments, the breadth of knowledge and the many years of experience, ensures it. It is expressed in the diagnosis of needs, in the selection of the appropriate solution always with respect to the environment, in the selection of materials and equipment, in the implementation and the care for operation.

The needs

We start from the human needs for a healthy environment, safety, comfort and aesthetics, the protection of the environment as a whole, to have the real picture and the right evaluation criterion. Modern windows, for example, achieve very good thermal insulation and reduce heating needs, but they limit the natural ventilation of the house, a more important need that must also be addressed. We want to see the whole picture, as without it we will have solutions, which may solve some problems but not effectively or at worst create other equally serious problems.


The possibility of a holistic approach stems from the breadth of knowledge of the company’s executives, the breadth of the subject matter and the many years of experience in integrated constructions.

If we were designing pools looking only at the hydraulic side and not the biological side d …..

With these supplies we design complete solutions, specialized in the needs of the customers and with environmental sensitivity.

Selection of materials

At a time when we are “bombarded” with new materials, which promise excellent performance and affordable prices, we seek to see the big picture to avoid any side effects.

We choose a water pipe not only to carry water, but also to have drinking water specifications.

We choose a color to paint the room not only with the shade, but not to emit dangerous substances.



Selection of equipment


When your main commitment is the customer and his needs and not the commercial company and the commitments to achieve goals, then you can really search, evaluate and choose the right equipment according to the possibilities.


Having years in construction in a wide range of activities we are able to build perfect installations properly integrated, without conflicts with the rest of the construction ……..



Παρέχοντας  υπηρεσίες υποστήριξης λειτουργίας των εγκαταστάσεων, έχει τη δυνατότητα να βλέπει την ανταπόκριση μετά την κατασκευή, σε βάθος χρόνου, και να τροφοδοτεί με τις απαραίτητες πληροφορίες , που οδηγούν στην βελτίωση της κατασκευής και της λειτουργίας για την βελτιστοποίηση της απόδοσης της επένδυσης.