In a world of infinite options and innumerable possibilities, Toshiba satisfies every need. The solutions we offer for heating and air conditioning, perfectly match what you want, down to the smallest detail and as always with the best result. Our company OMEGA TECHNIKI LTD represents in Corfu AHI-CARRIER, which is the exclusive representative of Toshiba air conditioning products.

Gas Safety

Innovations for the global air conditioning market

1981: The first inverter air conditioner in the world
1988: The first dual rotor inverter compressor
1993: The first digital inverter air conditioner
2000: Hybrid technology DC Hybrid Inverter
2003: Digital Inverter
2004: SMMS (the VRF system with the highest COP rate on the market)
2007: Super Daiseikai with Ag plasma air filter
2009: Water-to-air heat pump, Estia - Super Daiseikai with improved COP coefficient
2010: SMMS-i, the next generation of energy efficient VRF system.

Home equipment

Small or large, apartment or house, near or far, when we enter our home, we want to feel comfortable and intimate. We want to have the perfect climate, in every dimension. Toshiba offers products and technologies that create the perfect atmosphere for your home.

Professional equipment - VRF systems

VRF is a technology that modifies the volume of a system's refrigerant to meet the exact requirements of the building. With up to 64 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit, the VRF system will determine how the outdoor unit will adjust the coolant flow and temperature accordingly. By providing only the required cooling or heating, the inverter compressor continues to save a large amount of energy during VRF operation.

Heat pumps

Toshiba air-to-water heat pumps are the ideal solution for maximum energy savings. This all-in-one system is designed to provide the right temperature for heating, domestic hot water production and air conditioning during the summer months.