It's the company that needs no recommendations. From the huge range of products and applications, our company utilizes automation products in air conditioning, ventilation, hot water and building automation in general.

Complete range from simple mechanical & digital room thermostats for basic room climate control, to advanced KNX communication thermostats for integration into building automation systems.

Sensors that ensure a healthy and productive indoor climate. They record and transmit readings extremely quickly and accurately, providing the optimal basis for accurate and therefore energy and cost-effective control of the entire HVAC installation.

Flexible range of valves and motors designed for ease of use, superior control accuracy and energy efficiency, for all applications related to the production, distribution and use of heating and cooling.



Large range of damper actuators with a wide variety of positioning forces, control signals, communication standards and additional options that can be customized to your HVAC requirements.

Siemens meters provide accurate acquisition and distribution of energy consumption of heating, cooling and radiators in office and residential buildings. The standard M-bus and pulse outputs allow easy and fast integration into building automation systems.

Frequency conversion equipment to control fans and pumps for significant energy savings compared to conventional control methods.

Specialized controllers for the economical and efficient control of HVAC equipment. Designed to meet all needs and requirements.