REHAU is a leading global manufacturer of advanced polymers and composite products for industry and end users based in Rehau, Bavaria. It is characterized for the research and development of innovative materials based on the protection of health and the environment. From the range of REHAU products, our company represents and has in our area the materials of building applications (cooling - heating, water supply, sewerage).

Underfloor heating

The underfloor heating system has largely been identified with Rehau. For every home Rehau has the right system choice for installation. Each Rehau underfloor heating system is characterized by completeness (node plates, pipe, manifold, auxiliary materials, improving emulsion, etc.).

Rautitan: the system for water supply and heating

The universal RAUTITAN flex pipe offers optimal flexibility - even at low temperatures. If the installation requires a fixed pipe, then use RAUTITAN stabil - the sturdy aluminum-coated polyethylene pipe. Pre-insulated pipes support economical installation. The RAUTITAN system manages with the pipes, fittings and compression rings to create a permanently tight connection. And this without rings-O. The pipe itself is the sealing means, while the installation can be pressurized immediately. Durable materials allow processing temperatures down to -10 ° C.

Raupiano building sewer system

The high quality soundproof pipe - certified by the Fraunhofer Institute. The RAUPIANO PLUS system is quieter than a whisper and has a sound level significantly lower than the minimum legal requirement for sound insulation in water supply systems.

Geothermal exchanger

Installed at a depth of up to 300 m, the RAUGEO PE-Xa green uses the constant temperatures of the deeper ground to draw energy. The big advantage: Its rough outer layer, in combination with the filler material, ensures a tightness in the system, something that conventional geothermal systems do not offer.

Geothermal collector

This horizontally installed geothermal collector extracts heat from areas with temperatures above the freezing point, to a depth of about 1.5 m.