POLOPLAST was founded in 1893 and is headquartered in Leonding (Austria) and a subsidiary in Ebenhofen (Germany). POLOPLAST is 100% owned by WIG Wietersdorfer Holding GmbH based in Klagenfurt (Austria).

POLOPLAST develops and manufactures high performance plastic pipe systems for many applications. The high efficiency of POLOPLAST pipe systems is based on decades of experience in multi-layer technology and its continuous further development. They comply with the highest quality standards of the market and support safety, reliability, longevity, recycling, sustainability and first-class service.

POLOPLAST multi-layer technology makes it possible to produce high quality pipes that have completely different properties. The five-layer fiberglass reinforced pipes POLO-ECOSAN ML5, POLO-POLYMUTAN ML5 and POLO-UV ML5 excel in their performance. They have increased resistance to pressure, stability and low linear expansion.

POLOPLAST not only offers its customers perfectly customized solutions from one manufacturer, but also provides a 10-year warranty on the entire range of drinking water products, including pipes and fittings.