Molaro offers a wide range of products suitable for every type of home. In addition to traditional windows and doors, there are arched structures, curved compositions, custom windows, elevators and sliding doors, double glazed windows, double systems, revolving openings. New technologies allow to reduce as much as possible the frontal dimension of the profiles to obtain wider glass surfaces, giving more light to the rooms and at the same time reducing heat transfer.


The movement of the leaves can be manual or motorized, in order to easily open the sliding leaves. Lifestyle is the perfect product for modern architecture, for customers who prefer very large glass surfaces with very thin, even imperceptible profiles. The sliding parts can reach very large dimensions up to 400 cm for each sheet and weigh 500 kg.

This new sliding system allows the removal of architectural barriers and the achievement of a pleasant transition from the outside to the inside of the floor. The sliding block that is recessed in the floor has a water drainage system that could be easily connected to the drain.