Mardegan Legno is a company that specializes in wood flooring, created by an idea of Giuseppe Mardegan. Exclusive products, designed to give way to the most ambitious projects, where the living space comes to life through new views, new perspectives, where the parquet is no longer just on the floor, but becomes a multidimensional element. All this is included in 12 exclusive surface finishes and more than 110 colors, where the handmade work is elevated.

Style, trends and crafts

~  15 separate collections

~ 15 separate personalities,

~ 15 craft processes,

born of love for wood.

Handmade styles create unique surfaces and floors with a natural feel.

Hand-painted surfaces ~ 144 shades

The shades are obtained by manual application of different colors on the individual surfaces.

All steps are done directly by hand by our expert craftsmen, for a unique result, not mechanically possible.


High quality and aesthetics

Each level of wood is designed to guarantee durability and stability to the floor over time.

The thicknesses of the boards vary and range from 4mm to 7.2mm.

Mardegan Legno with a love for nature proposes the choice of boards of different sizes. A floor with mixed lengths and backs is the best way to give movement and depth to a surface.

With respect for the nature

We have in our hands an invaluable heritage. Wood is a living material. Inside it echoes the echo of the world and the breath of the forests. That is why at Mardegan Legno we choose to take full care of its wealth, keeping its secrets and its beauty.