HenryGlass specializes in the production of furniture and special glass door systems capable of adapting and resolving any design and architectural requirements, thanks to technical patents that allow innovative creations. The collections offer a wide selection of tempered glass or tempered / laminated transparent, frosted, painted, lacquered or mirrored, with various accessories and different finishes to provide solutions tailored to any environment. A perfect combination of art and design, aesthetics and quality, form and function, allowing dialogue with studies by professionals, architects and companies to provide goods made using the most modern and advanced industrial technologies.

Classic House

A classic-style house features imposing retro-style furniture. The decorative elements, the molds and the putty on the walls, the inserts and the references to the tradition, the wood and the upholstery of the armchairs, create an atmosphere of old families. The classic style is still highly valued for the memories, the traditions, the rich and refined cut that only this kind of style can ensure. An aesthetic that brings back the spirit of the past, with luxurious finishes and elegant details combined with prudence, often playing with the contrast of elegance and simplicity that matches clean and essential furniture, as well as Henry glass closure systems that offer a wide variety and elegant shades, of white silk and rich details.

Minimal House

A style that goes beyond the modern. Ideal for those who love order and tranquility, maintain clean lines and prefer soft background colors. Neutral colors, simple geometric lines, absence of unnecessary elements: clean and simple lines furnished, characterized by large spaces, without decorations that do not have a specific function.

Modern House

Modern style becomes the stage for HenryGlass door systems. Clean and elegant style, bright colors, shiny smooth surfaces and neutral design elements with clean lining provide a refined look in any area. Modern furniture focuses on practical and functional solutions from an innovative idea. It uses the latest materials and provides the ability to decompose and reconstruct its components. This is exactly the flexibility that can be found in the products offered by HenryGlass.