The Garofoli Group is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of doors, with a special emphasis on wooden doors. The Group, led by founder Fernando Garofoli and his sons, operates within the top segment of the market. Its products are an excellent representation of the "Made in Italy" movement around the world.

Living room

The room in which we often live for much of the day. What was once known as the front room is now the heart of the house, but it is also the area that gives the house its personality. Whether you like the classic style living room or a modern living room, our products can give your room a special touch.


The bedroom is the room of the house that should have to do with comfort. With a combination of products from our range - doors, parquet, boiserie panels and systems to organize your space - you can give your bedroom the "look" of your choice.


A kitchen must be good because it is a market that must last and often accompanies a family for many years. It must also be practical and allow for the best possible use on a daily basis.


Whether you need ideas for a bathroom with a minimalist design or with a luxurious, ultra-decorated feel, our coordinates will give you a range of thousands of options.