The most complete range

The FINSTRAL product range offers the widest variety of options.

Large surfaces, individual design without functional compromises, small details.

Thermal insulation and energy saving

FINSTRAL frames are made with special thermal insulating glass and caskets.

In the basic version they have thermal insulating glass with Ug 1.1 = W/m2K.

High sun protection

With the installation of special glass a large percentage of energy is filtered and reflected.

High sound insulation

In the basic construction they offer the very good sound reduction of 34 dB. With the installation of special glazing, sound reduction up to 45 dB can be achieved.

Waterproofness in wind and rain

FINSTRAL window systems meet the highest standards of airtightness against air (highest class 4 according to EN 12207) and against rain (highest class 9A according to EN 12208).

Protection and safety

Through the two safety points, the steel shutters screwed to the reinforcement of the frame in the basic construction, the violation of the window is prevented. The additional security package offers the highest level of security, class 2.

Certified quality

The marking of all products by the largest international certification institutes, guarantees the high quality of the materials, as well as the whole process of production, installation and provision of services.