With an expertise of more than 100 years, the inventor of air conditioning, holds a leading position in the global air conditioning market. Provides a full range of professional and home products with top performance.

Home air conditioning

A complete range of high energy efficiency air conditioning systems that will meet your needs and offer you comfort.

Portable air conditioners

An alternative complete and flexible cooling & heating solution, for homes and offices with limited space available from Carrier.



Carrier dehumidifiers rid your space of unwanted moisture for more comfort.

Air purifiers

Clean air inside the house, free from dust, germs, allergens and pet hair, with the Carrier quality guarantee.

Air - water heat pumps

Discover the most economical way to heat, cool and create hot water, respecting the environment.

Air - water heat pumps

With an efficiency starting from 27 KW, this series of Carrier machines is an ideal solution for geothermal applications, serving homes, offices, small hotels, etc.

Gas Safety
Gas Safety

Fan coils

With a discreet and elegant design, the new Carrier terminal unit harmonizes in every space and covers every need.