The German company from Bavaria BAYROL has been a real expert in the field of water treatment for swimming pools and hot tubs for over 65 years.

Pool water "lives" because it is exposed to a wide variety of stresses every day. Inevitably, inorganic and organic substances enter water through humans and the environment. To make the bath pleasant, the pool water must be kept in perfect visual and hygienic condition throughout the bathing season through a precisely coordinated interaction between physical and chemical measures.


Calcinex® is a special liquid agent to prevent unsightly and difficult removal of salts and metal deposits on the pool walls and floor, especially with very hard water. Thanks to its special composition, Calcinex® is stable even in pools treated with chlorine, bromine or oxygen and retains its full effectiveness. The active ingredient in Calcinex® ensures, especially in harder water, that the salts of calcium remain in suspension and therefore can not settle on the walls or floor. This avoids the formation of rough surfaces, which on the one hand spoil the fun of swimming and on the other hand can cause damage.

Bayroshock is a powerful active oxygen disinfectant with a formula without chlorine, without residues, without ammonium and heavy metals. Cleanses your water of all organic impurities. It is also compatible with all types of treatment, it is ideal for preserving water that has become resistant to standard chemical treatment.

Bayrosoft® Light is a liquid, completely chlorine-free multifunctional product based on active oxygen for oxidation, prevention of algae and removal of turbidity. Bayrosoft® Light is odorless in concentration, soft on the skin and avoids eye irritation. The ready-to-use Bayrosoft® Light can be used both in combination with an automatic measurement, control and dosing system (PoolManager®, Pool Relax®) and for manual dosing.

Complete & Easy is the simple weekly complete care in pre-dosed bags. The granular chlorine and the algae contained in it disinfect the pool water and prevent the growth of algae. Complete & Easy eliminates bacteria, removes turbidity in its water pool and prevents the growth of algae. The unique combination of chlorine granules and active oxygen guarantees a reliable mode of action. The ultimate care with Complete & Easy ensures healthy clean pool water and at the same time reduces the smell of chlorine and skin irritations.

Another advantage of this combination: You can use your pool again just 15 minutes after use!

Complete & Easy dosing is very easy thanks to the pre-separated double bag: cut the double bag, add it directly to the water and immerse it in the water 15 minutes later!